Receiving the Good We Deserve (and freaking out in the process)

There are so many things I want to do with my life and I don’t know how to get started!  How am I supposed to do what I love when I don’t even know what I love?  There are too many choices and only one me!

Every day I work with men and women who are in the middle of life transition and transformation.  It’s an exciting time!  These individuals have acknowledged that that they are worth the time for self-discovery and self-evaluation.  They are willing to be open, aware and vulnerable to stepping out on faith into the unknown as they create in consciousness their dynamic and delicious lives.  Yet, there’s a catch.  You see, with all of this enthusiasm and energy surrounding the development of their Life Design, these men and women come to the realization that they have unique gifts, skills and talents waiting to be utilized.  Where at one time they believed they had missed out on the day passion and life purpose were passed around, they’ve come to the knowing that there are limitless possibilities and opportunities and indeed they have a divine dream and path.  It’s at this point where they look at me with “deer in the headlight” expressions.  The very ideas they were hoping to discover not only showed up, but did so in mass.  What now?  Where to start? I’m freaking out!

Feeling overwhelmed at all of the choices, especially when we focus too heavily on the “how”, will often result in stress, blocks and obstacles.  The first idea that comes to mind when faced with hurdles is something we learned as young people ~ that is to overcome it (or ignore and brush it under the rug).  When we are of the mindset that there is something to “overcome”, often times that very thought takes over and we are in a continued spiral of lack.  I believe when we are faced with blocks, obstacles and fears we must honor them.  This doesn’t mean validation!  Instead we are taking the time to see why they showed up.  What is the old tape or memory keeping us anchored?  Come up with a list of your wins, successes and accomplishments, which squash these barriers.  Start your morning with a daily intention on who you are willing to be.  Write it down and affirm it throughout the day.

It’s important to take the time to know and understand who we are when we are in the middle of a significant transition and transformation.  Regardless of what put us on this path, personal or professional areas, it will become clear that it’s impossible for us to live compartmentalized.  We are whole and one.  Positive changes in your personal life bring success to your professional life and vice versa.  What is actually occurring is the alignment of your thoughts, words and actions.  You are shifting your consciousness and holding yourself accountable to living your absolute truth.  The key is to find out what that means for you.  When we know and live our “I am”, we walk in confidence.  If we are able to give ourselves an honest assessment as to our strengths and challenges, we are able to better create a lifestyle that works best for us.  If you’re not a morning person, don’t move toward a job that requires you to be in at 7:00 am.  If you want to be an entrepreneur, take a look at your self-discipline skills.  If you’re not great at self-motivating, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be a successful business owner.  Instead it might mean finding a collaborative partner that brings that in as a strength.

Create element lists for the right and perfect career, business, and lifestyle.  What do you want included?  How are those in your list aligned with your natural essence?  Where do you see common themes?  The more you break this process down, the more you are giving yourself an opportunity to breathe it in.  Trust me, I know what it’s like to want what you want and want it now!  But there is such a thing as divine timing and order.  Let this time in your life unfold organically.  Don’t rush or force a divine dream or idea.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t serious; in fact, it reflects just the opposite.  You are taking the time to come up with an action plan that is perfect for where you are presently.  We must take into consideration our family life and responsibilities.  Refute the argument about “time” and there not being enough of it left for you to find your life purpose.  What’s the alternative?  Sitting in the waiting room and daydreaming about the life you want?  It’s the same amount of time, yet the “doing” actually moves you closer to the manifestation of your goals.

You are worth the time!  Create those times throughout the day where you give yourself five minutes of deep breathing and re-centeredness.  Remember to acknowledge all you are accomplishing, no matter the size, instead of focusing on what isn’t getting done.  You are the beauty of your dreams!

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