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A year ago tonight, on my birthday, my husband asked me to marry him.  Not one day has gone by that I don’t relive the entire evening.  It was magical, romantic and filled me with increased levels of joy and love.  We’ve all experienced moments in our lives where we believed that there wasn’t any way we could be happier or more loved.  Yet, it does happen because we allow our hearts to give and receive.  As recent as last weekend, friends have asked if I feel different now that I’m married.  I’ve been told I look different ~ in a good way, thankfully.  Of course, it’s easy to then pin my friends into a corner with “didn’t I look good before”.  The thing is, I understand exactly what they mean.  When I look into the mirror, the woman looking back at me radiates energy, joy and love.  And as far as feeling different, it’s not just the emotions behind celebrating my love with another person; it’s the consciousness that my life is more than just about myself.

When Jim and I planned our wedding, we wanted it to be a celebration of love, joy, and family.  It was about the connection each of us had with the other and the difference we made in each other’s lives just by sharing something as simple as a smile.  We told anyone involved in the planning of our wedding that it was about more than two people.  Holding this idea in our hearts played a big role in how effortless the planning and actual day was.  In fact, it stormed on our wedding day, which was planned for outdoors, until the time it was to begin at 4:00 pm.  The sky cleared and the sun came out ~ and no one was surprised.  And what I know to be true, nine months later, is I don’t just feel different being a newlywed, I feel different about me, the woman I am.

With experience comes confidence, with knowing that I know that I know comes peace of mind and clarity, and with living a life centered on divine love comes an abundance of prosperity.  I wake up every day and affirm that I am making a difference in the world.  I consciously choose how my life will be lived and I choose to celebrate not only myself but also the world around me.  Several years ago I wrote my personal mission statement, and if you don’t have one, I recommend it highly!  I wanted to inspire, co-create and support the dreams of others with my words both written and spoken.  I wanted to listen and share, to connect with people from all over the world.  What did I want in return? Well, my divine dreams grow bigger every day.  What happens when good stuff comes into our lives?  We want more good stuff.  This isn’t selfish.  The Universe wants us to have the very things in our life we deserve, and when your heart is centered on giving back, you do receive.  It happens so fast sometimes it feel overwhelming.

Now more than ever, I own my absolute truth in my heart.  I trust the divine ideas and know they’ve shown up for a reason – no matter how they might scare me initially.  You want me to appear on TV? What do I know about TV? The achievement of letting go and trusting the unknown which lies ahead is the triumphant prize for this woman who has been known to need to control situations in all areas and have a precise plan.  I affirm the following every morning ~ I let go and trust my heart.  It’s my knowing that the words I use, the thoughts I think and the actions I take don’t just make a difference to the quality in my life.  Similar to the concept behind the butterfly effect, I affect change as I am connected to each and every person in some universal way.  All of our lives are bigger than anything we are capable of imagining ~ so visualize huge and don’t settle for less than who you are or what you deserve.  Our very existence makes a difference.

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    You have touched so many of us with these articles. You have helped me change and grow in a good way as well. keep it up and don’t stop writting.


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