There are so many things I want to do with my life and I don’t know how to get started!  How am I supposed to do what I love when I don’t even know what I love?  There are too many choices and only one me!

Every day I work with men and women who are in the middle of life transition and transformation.  It’s an exciting time!  These individuals have acknowledged that that they are worth the time for self-discovery and self-evaluation.  They are willing to be open, aware and vulnerable to stepping out on faith into the unknown as they create in consciousness their dynamic and delicious lives.  Yet, there’s a catch.  You see, with all of this enthusiasm and energy surrounding the development of their Life Design, these men and women come to the realization that they have unique gifts, skills and talents waiting to be utilized.  Where at one time they believed they had missed out on the day passion and life purpose were passed around, they’ve come to the knowing that there are limitless possibilities and opportunities and indeed they have a divine dream and path.  It’s at this point where they look at me with “deer in the headlight” expressions.  The very ideas they were hoping to discover not only showed up, but did so in mass.  What now?  Where to start? I’m freaking out!

Feeling overwhelmed at all of the choices, especially when we focus too heavily on the “how”, will often result in stress, blocks and obstacles.  The first idea that comes to mind when faced with hurdles is something we learned as young people ~ that is to overcome it (or ignore and brush it under the rug).  When we are of the mindset that there is something to “overcome”, often times that very thought takes over and we are in a continued spiral of lack.  I believe when we are faced with blocks, obstacles and fears we must honor them.  This doesn’t mean validation!  Instead we are taking the time to see why they showed up.  What is the old tape or memory keeping us anchored?  Come up with a list of your wins, successes and accomplishments, which squash these barriers.  Start your morning with a daily intention on who you are willing to be.  Write it down and affirm it throughout the day.

It’s important to take the time to know and understand who we are when we are in the middle of a significant transition and transformation.  Regardless of what put us on this path, personal or professional areas, it will become clear that it’s impossible for us to live compartmentalized.  We are whole and one.  Positive changes in your personal life bring success to your professional life and vice versa.  What is actually occurring is the alignment of your thoughts, words and actions.  You are shifting your consciousness and holding yourself accountable to living your absolute truth.  The key is to find out what that means for you.  When we know and live our “I am”, we walk in confidence.  If we are able to give ourselves an honest assessment as to our strengths and challenges, we are able to better create a lifestyle that works best for us.  If you’re not a morning person, don’t move toward a job that requires you to be in at 7:00 am.  If you want to be an entrepreneur, take a look at your self-discipline skills.  If you’re not great at self-motivating, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be a successful business owner.  Instead it might mean finding a collaborative partner that brings that in as a strength.

Create element lists for the right and perfect career, business, and lifestyle.  What do you want included?  How are those in your list aligned with your natural essence?  Where do you see common themes?  The more you break this process down, the more you are giving yourself an opportunity to breathe it in.  Trust me, I know what it’s like to want what you want and want it now!  But there is such a thing as divine timing and order.  Let this time in your life unfold organically.  Don’t rush or force a divine dream or idea.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t serious; in fact, it reflects just the opposite.  You are taking the time to come up with an action plan that is perfect for where you are presently.  We must take into consideration our family life and responsibilities.  Refute the argument about “time” and there not being enough of it left for you to find your life purpose.  What’s the alternative?  Sitting in the waiting room and daydreaming about the life you want?  It’s the same amount of time, yet the “doing” actually moves you closer to the manifestation of your goals.

You are worth the time!  Create those times throughout the day where you give yourself five minutes of deep breathing and re-centeredness.  Remember to acknowledge all you are accomplishing, no matter the size, instead of focusing on what isn’t getting done.  You are the beauty of your dreams!

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People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them. ~ George Bernard Shaw

What powerful words!  The first time I read this quote was in Glendalough Ireland, and I was honored to be sitting in the Writer’s Room at the Wicklow Heather Restaurant.  The people who get on in this world are people who get up and look for the circumstances they want.  At the time, I was on my honeymoon with the love of my life.  How’s that for synchronistic!  I knew I deserved love and, after two marriages (yes two) that ended in divorce, I made the conscious choice to be love.  It might sound strange, “be love”, but before the very things we want in life are going to show up, we need to “be” them.  I also needed to be specific as to what I was looking for and what I wanted.  There wasn’t a need for me to apologize or make excuses for the very things that are important to me in a relationship.  I didn’t sit and wallow in past dysfunctional relationships or play the blame game as to why the marriages didn’t work.  I got real.  I let myself off of the hook and really took the time to honor what “love” meant for me.  It took two years, but I didn’t settle and I allowed it to happen organically.

I love being an entrepreneur!  I love creating a dynamic and delicious existence that centers on being and doing what I love.  For over a decade I owned a technology-consulting firm that was sucking the energy from my life.  The company was successful, but I wasn’t happy.  These weren’t the type of people I wanted to be in a business relationship with any longer.  It wasn’t that they were bad people, but our time together strengthened my inner knowing that it’s not enough to look good on paper ~ your passion, vision and values need to be aligned.  For several years I daydreamed about the life I wanted.  It was important that it was whole and represented the balance of mind, body and spirit, as well as the integration of my professional and personal worlds.  Sounds like a lot to expect from a company or job listing.  And if you can’t find them, make them. I knew that in order for me to manifest this vision, I was going to need to create it.  I became clear on my personal mission, understood who I was, how I worked and the industries of writing, publishing, coaching, leadership and strategy.  Plus, I was solid in knowing the importance of my personal life.  Did all of this self-discovery and exploration happen over night?  No, of course not.  This was several years in the making, but I embraced it all because I deserved to live my life on purpose.

For years, I’ve been looking for a group, association and/or organization of female professionals where we support and collaborate with one another.  I wanted it synergistic, creative and energizing.  Do those types of groups exist already?  Yes. Sure. Somewhat.  Were they exactly what I was looking for?  No.  But I didn’t stop my want and kept my heart open to opportunities, experiences and people.  The results of my patience and “trying things on” have been two-fold.  The first came by way of an entrepreneurial conference where I met three other women who are on similar paths.  We bonded immediately and have formed a mastermind group that has taken off!  The second is my development of an empowered women’s group.  It was time for me to take action and create what I believe to be missing.  The concept is still in the development stage, but it will be realized and revealed before the end of the year.

How often have we known the very things we want and/or need in our life that move us toward our divine dreams, ideas and life purpose?  How often do we give up when we can’t find something already in existence?  Living a dynamic and delicious life is effortless when you are doing and being what you love.  Effortlessness doesn’t mean it doesn’t take hard work and persistence.  It doesn’t mean sitting around and waiting for someone else to do the work so you can then show up, throw your hands in the air and shout, “I’m ready.”  We have to be a part of this process and often times that means creating the very situations for which we’ve been searching.  If you want to give back but don’t feel connected with any of the volunteer organizations available to you, figure out where your talents lie and reach out as an individual.  For example, all private pediatric practices, local libraries, and hospitals and offer to read to the children.  If the right and perfect job for you isn’t out there, maybe it’s time for you to consider starting your own business or work as a consultant.  If you want to transition to a new industry, research and test out ideas and opportunities.  For example, have you always wanted to be on the radio?  Check out and develop your own show.  You never know where it will lead!

Take action.  Take command.  Live the life you deserve!

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If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.  How many of us were raised with those words of wisdom?  Normally, it was during our formative years where we were learning to interact with other kids, as well as respecting our elders.  If we followed this rule it kept us from getting grounded at home or sent to detention at school.  Often I found the very people touting this rule to be hypocritical because I would hear them gossip, complain and say horrible things about other people.  It became confusing because it seemed like this was only something for those under a certain age to conform too and once you became an adult it was open season on negativity.  And when I asked for clarification of what I believed to be a double standard, the typical responses were either: Do as I say not as I do or Because I said so.  Neither of which I felt offered validation, but as a child what can you do?  As I continued to grow up, I noticed that not only were people saying “not nice” things being about others and situations, but hurtful comments about how they viewed themselves.  These individuals didn’t seem to be living very happy or fulfilling lives, and the solution, in my young mind, was simple.  Change the way you talk.

I wish I could say that I held onto my young understanding that when we change our thoughts and words to ones of positivity for others and ourselves that we have the power to bring and experience great joy.  Good beyond anything we could imagine shows up in the form of opportunities and people.  Depending on what false truths we were subjected to in our younger lives, determines, as adults, how long it takes to erase these old tapes.  Just like an onion, there are many layers, and often it can take a while to work through the healing and forgiveness.  It’s work.  There’s no doubt about it.  Yet the more you do, the easier and more effortless it becomes.  About six years ago I made the conscious choice to look at the words I was using.  As a writer and speaker, I always understood the power of words.  They can inspire and motivate, as well as hurt and diminish.  Although it was rare that I said anything hurtful to another, I can’t say the same thing about beating up on myself.  It didn’t occur to me that part of living in the flow of love, abundance and prosperity began with how I saw myself.  If I didn’t have anything nice to say about me, why not shut up!

We are living in a time where more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants and freelancers.  There was a time when no one wanted to collaborate out of fear that ideas would be taken or that there wasn’t enough of “something” to be shared or to go around.  The work force doesn’t look or feel the same as it once did, and now we are all seeing more and more collaboration.  But how does this happen?  Think about the type of partner you want to bring into your business world.  You want someone who is aligned with your passions and values.  The same holds true for those who are looking to come together with like-minded individuals.  We want to generate something greater than ourselves and with this powerful affirmation comes the need for positive thoughts, words and actions.  Can you imagine asking someone to work on a project with you when all you hear is complaints or gossip?  Would you ask someone to share in the creation of your divine idea or dream when they don’t see and know the uniqueness and gifts they have that will make a difference?

As you look to bring about grand transformations in your life, be mindful of the words you use when describing yourself, situations and others.  Just say no to gossip and complaining.  Yes, this might result in the loss of some relationships, but if they are built on words that bring anything short of dynamic experiences than know that you deserve better.  Release all words of negativity about yourself and others and use your voice to affirm positivity, share kindness and create a world filled with limitless possibilities.

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Over the weekend I watched the movie Nine, and although I already had seen it in the movie theater when it first came out last year, its story always seems to stay in my mind for several days after.  Regardless of what the critics said about the movie, and I rarely pay attention to those things anyway; if a movie ignites thoughts and conversation, long after the credits stop rolling, in my opinion, it has accomplished some level of success.  If you are in the middle of a transition or transformation, Nine is the perfect movie to watch.  If you are aligning your thoughts, words and actions toward the manifestation of your divine dreams and goals, Nine is the perfect movie to watch.  Guido Contini, the main character, played by Daniel Day Lewis, is written as a supercilious and self-centered movie director who has only one week remaining before shooting begins on his new movie, Italia.  The crisis is the lack of an actual script, and Guido spends the entire movie trying to find inspiration, meaning and purpose for his movie, not to mention the creative expression to get words to paper.  With frantic, chaotic and self-defeating thoughts, he reaches out to his wife, mistress, muse, deceased mother, as well as the Pope, to find the answers.  During the movie, we also learn that while his early career was filled with brilliant cinematic films, the last several were considered flops.  In summary, Guido Contini stopped having faith and trusting in the unique gifts and talents he was born with and instead of going within, to his heart, for the answers, he looked outward, externally, and spiraled out of control.

All too often when fear shows up in our life, it can block the flow of energy between our hearts and minds to the point that we no longer hear that still small voice.  We forget about the joy and love filled experiences we’ve created and the successful opportunities manifested because we stepped out on faith, trusted in our absolute truth without apology, and believed in limitless possibilities.  We weren’t centered on What If, but instead Why Not Me! In early Spring, I wrote an Op Ed piece for the NY Post and it centered on the roll my spirituality has played in my life.  While it was well received by many people, there were a handful that didn’t care for it at all.  They didn’t just dislike it a little bit; they wrote comments that attacked my character and intelligence level.  I was more than a little shocked, angry and hurt and instead of focusing on the positive feedback I received from hundreds of people, I centered on the three that didn’t like it.  How many of us have experienced something similar?  We focus on the one person who criticizes us and forget about the many who are inspired by how we live our lives ~ our performances ~ whether that be on stage, within a company or in our homes.  We begin to trust outside influencers as the source of our worth and experts on our lives ~ from who we are to how we should live.  How can anyone know you better than you?  Where did these specialists go to school to attain official certification for pointing out the dreams and goals you should focus on?

Guido Contini’s movies became flops when he focused on fear ~ what if my next project isn’t as good as this one, what if my creativity runs out, what if I never had it to begin with and it was all luck, what if the very reason I’ve been so successful had nothing to do with me and everything to do with “the others”.  All the answers we ever need are within us, we just need to ask the questions and no one will EVER know you better than you.  While we might not know how we are going to obtain our next job, performance, home or meet love, our hearts know the direction, the path, for us to begin.  The unknown can appear as a formidable opponent if we choose to look at it that way or we can decide to enjoy and learn from the bends, sharp lefts and forks in the road.  The path to your dreams and goals will be EVERYTHING your heart knows to be true, and what you do with the answers you discover from within will only add to the delicious journey.

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A year ago tonight, on my birthday, my husband asked me to marry him.  Not one day has gone by that I don’t relive the entire evening.  It was magical, romantic and filled me with increased levels of joy and love.  We’ve all experienced moments in our lives where we believed that there wasn’t any way we could be happier or more loved.  Yet, it does happen because we allow our hearts to give and receive.  As recent as last weekend, friends have asked if I feel different now that I’m married.  I’ve been told I look different ~ in a good way, thankfully.  Of course, it’s easy to then pin my friends into a corner with “didn’t I look good before”.  The thing is, I understand exactly what they mean.  When I look into the mirror, the woman looking back at me radiates energy, joy and love.  And as far as feeling different, it’s not just the emotions behind celebrating my love with another person; it’s the consciousness that my life is more than just about myself.

When Jim and I planned our wedding, we wanted it to be a celebration of love, joy, and family.  It was about the connection each of us had with the other and the difference we made in each other’s lives just by sharing something as simple as a smile.  We told anyone involved in the planning of our wedding that it was about more than two people.  Holding this idea in our hearts played a big role in how effortless the planning and actual day was.  In fact, it stormed on our wedding day, which was planned for outdoors, until the time it was to begin at 4:00 pm.  The sky cleared and the sun came out ~ and no one was surprised.  And what I know to be true, nine months later, is I don’t just feel different being a newlywed, I feel different about me, the woman I am.

With experience comes confidence, with knowing that I know that I know comes peace of mind and clarity, and with living a life centered on divine love comes an abundance of prosperity.  I wake up every day and affirm that I am making a difference in the world.  I consciously choose how my life will be lived and I choose to celebrate not only myself but also the world around me.  Several years ago I wrote my personal mission statement, and if you don’t have one, I recommend it highly!  I wanted to inspire, co-create and support the dreams of others with my words both written and spoken.  I wanted to listen and share, to connect with people from all over the world.  What did I want in return? Well, my divine dreams grow bigger every day.  What happens when good stuff comes into our lives?  We want more good stuff.  This isn’t selfish.  The Universe wants us to have the very things in our life we deserve, and when your heart is centered on giving back, you do receive.  It happens so fast sometimes it feel overwhelming.

Now more than ever, I own my absolute truth in my heart.  I trust the divine ideas and know they’ve shown up for a reason – no matter how they might scare me initially.  You want me to appear on TV? What do I know about TV? The achievement of letting go and trusting the unknown which lies ahead is the triumphant prize for this woman who has been known to need to control situations in all areas and have a precise plan.  I affirm the following every morning ~ I let go and trust my heart.  It’s my knowing that the words I use, the thoughts I think and the actions I take don’t just make a difference to the quality in my life.  Similar to the concept behind the butterfly effect, I affect change as I am connected to each and every person in some universal way.  All of our lives are bigger than anything we are capable of imagining ~ so visualize huge and don’t settle for less than who you are or what you deserve.  Our very existence makes a difference.

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When I first moved to New York City over 14 years ago, it didn’t matter where I went (restaurants, bars, grocery stores, newsstands or my beloved Starbucks) people would ask, “You’re not from around here, are you?”  It wasn’t because of my southern twang that does show up from time to time unexpectedly.  When you live in a major city you expect the cultural diversity and melting pot of regions and countries.  What seemed to shock the majority was hearing my words of thanks, gratitude or appreciation.  “You realize all I did just now was fill up your water glass.”  Many of my friends and family were concerned that my moving to NYC would turn me into a cynic or a fast paced charge down the street without looking up woman who would grunt or roll her eyes if anyone bumped into me or asked for directions.  Of course, New York City isn’t the only place on planet Earth where people are surprised by gratitude or praise and it is a shame.  Talk about the need to shift consciousness!  What keeps so many of us from saying Thank You, Have a nice day, or Your work inspired me?

To make this topic more interesting, think about how well you receive gratitude, appreciation and praise.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess there are a lot of people out there like me who get embarrassed or will come up with reasons why what they did or are doing is really no big deal.  Sometimes the very things others are appreciative of we take for granted because they come naturally to us.  And why make a big deal out of something that is as effortless as breathing?  Yet we will support and celebrate for others.  Part of creating and being in the flow of prosperity and abundance is being open and receptive to BOTH giving and receiving.  The door must open both ways in order for the good to have an unblocked path.

Today I came across the following quote from William Arthur Ward, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  This one quote inspired the totality of Michele’s Daily Dash for July 8, 2010.  The question of the day: What’s the good stuff in your life and how are you expressing gratitude?  The daily challenge: write (25) 2” x 2” notes that read “Thank You”, “You are Loved” or “You are appreciated” and leave them anonymously for others throughout the day.  As a global community we can come together and shift the mindset toward the effortless expression that people are gifts to us, as much as we are to them.  It’s time to share a smile with a stranger for no other reason than you want them to feel as good as you do.  It’s also time to feel gratitude toward ourselves for it all radiates outward from our hearts.

If you’re feeling blocked creatively, stuck in what feels like an endless job search or transition, or feel anchored in limiting thoughts like you’ll never find the right and perfect partner or home, it’s time to stop and look at gratitude.  Affirm and know that you are grateful for all that you have, all that you are and all of the dynamic and delicious things yet to come.  Continue to work on those gratitude journals at the end of every day acknowledging the people and experiences that made a difference in your life.  Make sure you express words of appreciation for what you contributed to the betterment of your world and those in it.  Read it at the beginning of every morning and set your daily intention for gratitude and grace.  Check in with me in a few months and let me know about all of the good knocking down your door.  I know that I know that I know it will happen for you.

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People make cartoons for a living.  They ACTUALLY get paid to make cartoons! And I knew, right then and there, that’s what I wanted to do. ~ John Lasseter, Pixar

John Lasseter is one of the creative minds behind Pixar and over the weekend, while channel surfing, I came across the documentary, The Pixar Story.  As a fan of animated films, and all of the movies that have come out of Pixar to date, I was glued to the TV.  I tried to imagine what John’s parents, family and friends must have thought when he announced in high school that he planned on making a living creating cartoons.  The myths of creativity and what you can do to make a successful living were still very much anchored to words like “starving artist” and “suffering for their art”.  Yet what I loved about John’s story was once the realization went from his heart to his head, there was no stopping him.  He knew that he was supposed to make cartoons, knew there were ways to push the envelope past the traditional 2-D movies, and knew he needed to be a part of an industry that brought joy to the hearts of many.  Right at the start, John immersed himself in everything Disney.  He even went so far as to get a summer job at Disneyland where he started as a sweeper but was quickly promoted to a ride operator for their Jungle Cruise.  John’s faith in the unknown path that lay ahead brought him to Cal Tech where he won back to back awards for animation and upon graduation his dream job at Disney.

All of this might sound like a piece of cake career evolution for John.  Yet what many people don’t know is that the very place he held on a pedestal for so many years growing up, Disney, fired him.  They didn’t feel comfortable in the direction he wanted to take the industry.  He was talking about new technologies, 3-D animation, and the important use of computers.  After the executives at Disney gave him the green light to work on a project that would showcase what could be achieved, he created The Brave Little Toaster.  For eight plus months he worked on this movie and after he presented it, he was shut down.  He was told how this idea of computer generated films and a new look and feel to animated films would go nowhere.  They believed what John was showing them would remove the need for animators.  Throughout Disney there was a lot of fear.  Lack and limiting thoughts over losing jobs to technology and there not being enough interest to make money enveloped the company.  They weren’t able to embrace an idea that didn’t have proof, tangible evidence, of success.

We’ve all been in similar situations.  We know from the core of our being that we are meant to do something extraordinary with our lives.  A unique gift we were born with surfaces and we are willing to move mountains to achieve our divine dreams.   However, when the path of achievement doesn’t happen quickly and we aren’t able to see, feel, taste or touch confirmation of what we believed would bring us success, we many times walk away.  We get wrapped up in feelings of failure and rejection.  All of a sudden every naysayer we know, and even several we don’t, show up to validate just how ridiculous our dream was to begin with and at least now we know.  We don’t take into consideration Divine Timing and Order.  The Universe isn’t on our time schedule, as much as we love to think otherwise.  There are directions we need to take, people we need to meet, and situations we need to experience all which guide us on the path to our life purpose.

John’s dream of making a full-length, animated feature film didn’t happen overnight.  After Disney fired him, he was led to a job at Lucas Films where he continued to hone his craft and work with scientists and artists on perfecting technology.  With the support of George Lucas, a small group took Pixar and began to look for an investor for their studio and found Steve Jobs.  (Least we forget that Steve Jobs had been fired from the very company he founded, Apple.)  And while many might believe anything Steve Jobs touches is an instant success, he lost $5 million dollars during the first five years of Pixar.  But no one would stop trying and believing.  John and Steve, along with a group of people with like-minded passion and values came together to create this success story.  Toy Story, Bugs Life, Toy Story 2, Monster’s Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars, etc.. became possible because they held onto faith, trusted the unknown, and aligned their thoughts, words, actions and emotions.

Through the chaos, life brought surprises filled with joy and love.  If you’re asking why them and not you, right there is the first challenge.  Where are your thoughts regarding what you want to create?  What are you doing to contribute to the evolution of your dream?  Are you so wrapped up in there not being enough time that you don’t even begin to try?  What other limiting thoughts are you holding onto?  If your dream enlivens you, and you’ll know it because you won’t be able to think about anything but this divine idea, then you must keep on keeping on.  If your dream is aligned with your core values and creates good in this world, then you must keep stepping out on faith.  If you need help to make this dream a reality, then you are dreaming huge, kid kind of huge, and you will find that the right and perfect people do show up to help make it happen.  If your dream requires you to grow into your true self, then you must stay on your path.

We all deserve to wake up in the mornings and say, “What a minute… I’m actually getting paid to do this for a living!”  Let the delicious and dynamic lives begin!

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“Watch what I can do,” Logan swung his chubby arms back and forth several times before clapping his hands and resting them on his hips.  He wore a sky blue t-shirt that read, “Watch out. I bite!” and his three-year old face had the clear markings of a little boy who didn’t know from the words I can’t.  It’s too hard. He studied the multi-colored art structure outside the 59th Street entrance to Central Park and with a loud grunt pulled with all his might onto the circular bench, held onto the arc for support, lifted his right leg to touch the side, and jumped down. “See!  That was good!” Logan giggled, ran around in a circle and started the process all over again.  “This one is gonna be good too.”  I looked over to Logan’s parents who shared, “He’s been doing this non-stop for the last 15 minutes and each time he gets better at pulling himself up and completing his acrobatic moves.”  After congratulating Logan on his excellent climbing capabilities.  He pulled me in to share some words of advice,  “Never, never, never, never, EVER, touch a dragon.”

Now while I’m not sure of his concern over touching a dragon should I come across one during my walks in Manhattan, it did seem like sound advice.  But what stuck in my head for the rest of last night were his words “Watch what I can do!”, “That was good!” and “This one is gonna be good too.”  When was the last time you said those words to yourself, let alone shared them with another person?  Chances are you were about Logan’s age or at least prior to turning 18.  It didn’t matter that I was a stranger watching his performance, Logan was excited about what he had learned to do ~ so much so that he wanted to get better and better.  The scratches and scrapes on Logan’s arms, nose and forehead were pretty good indicators that he was determined to succeed in most, if not all, things he tried.  By the end of our time together, he added sound effects, theatrical motion and flair to his dismounts.  And the best part, he laughed.

It was clear that Logan knew without question that he was incredible and limiting thoughts were not a part of his consciousness.  It’s only as we get older and are subjected to external influences and other individuals’ “realities” that we begin to adopt their truth as our own.  Fear (False. Evidence. Appearing. Real) based thoughts prevent us from stepping out on faith, trusting the unknown, and only allowing ourselves one time for success.  We doubt when there isn’t tangible proof of growth toward our goals immediately, instead of understanding that work is happening in the background.  Have you ever gone to the gym determined to get in shape?  You work out at least three times a week and weigh yourself every day or look at the mirror to see what has changed.  Just when you think it’s not working or you’re not doing it right, your jeans are baggy or you find you are able to run up and down flights of stairs without losing your breath.

Although yourself to have unlimited “Do Overs”, and have FUN while creating the dynamic & delicious life you deserve.  Watch what you can do!  Yes, it was good!  The next is gonna be good too!  You are a grateful, dynamic, energized, joy filled, prosperous & loved (insert wonderful noun here).

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At the beginning of this year, I challenged people to walk their talk in 2010 and to stop writing “wish list” resolutions.  It was time to focus and center on the heart and spirit behind what you really want to manifest in your life.  With so many challenges in 2009 surrounding unemployment, economy and personal fulfillment, I wanted people to see 2010 as the year to embrace the change they wanted to see in their lives and feel more empowered and courageous than ever before to achieve their divine goals and dreams.  Do you remember feeling that all you experienced in 2009 had prepared you for 2010?  It was time to ignite, create and develop ideas for our lives, careers and/or businesses.  And guess what?  It still is.  Although we have reached the middle of 2010, and you might have feel discouraged, frustrated or that too much time has passed since you set your goals for the year without taking action, I’m going to ask you to keep on keeping on.  Aligning our thoughts, words, actions and emotions toward positivity and the knowing that we are meant to have the right and perfect (insert dynamic and delicious dream here) doesn’t happen over night.  There are times that my affirmations are said through clenched teeth and with a tone that is anything but upbeat.  Yet, I keep on keeping on.  What I know to be true is that I was put here to make a difference; we all were.

When you think about the typical New Year’s Resolutions that are toasted at midnight they usually involve going to the gym, eating healthier and finding a mate.  What normally follows are goals that are anything but realistic and put far too much pressure on us.  I’m going to go to the gym seven days a week and work out with a personal trainer three times a week.  I’m never going to eat fast food again and will lose 30 pounds in two months.  I’m going to join four online dating services and will have at least one date a week. Sound familiar?  Instead of the resolution(s) being more task oriented, I challenge people to go within and take a look at what their heart is telling them.  The actual objective could be a healthier lifestyle or a more balanced life.  More often than not, our heart has much grander plans that would guide us on a path toward our life purpose ~ i.e. switching careers, starting a new business or buying a home.  The thought of what it would take to move in that direction, combined with a fear of the unknown, can cause us to focus on smaller or more generic ideas.

As we move into the second half of 2010, I challenge you to honor and celebrate all you’ve accomplished.  Nothing is too small for a “Ta Da” moment.  The realization of steps you’ve mastered, completed and achieved will empower you to keep on keeping on.  It’s remembering that steps 1-3 in your divine action plan need to be fulfilled before 4-6.  It’s acknowledging that you are doing the very best you can, even on the most challenging of days.  Next, ask yourself what you’ve been knowing, perceiving and comprehending?  Are those thoughts and words keeping you anchored to old tapes that do not serve your greater good or do they motivate you to move toward your goals?  Take a look at your objectives for the year and the short and long-term goals, as well as the immediate action steps you outlined.  Where they S.M.A.R.T?  Specific.  Measurable.  Achievable.  Realistic.  Timely.  I’m going to write a book in 2010 is an amazing goal, but how can we support it using the S.M.A.R.T guide?   I’m going to write five pages a day, three times a week for the next six months beginning on July 1, 2010.  I’m going to live a healthier lifestyle is a wonderful goal.  Support and maintain momentum by implementing S.M.A.R.T steps. Beginning July 1, 2010, I will go to the gym three times a week for one hour each and drink eight glasses of water a day.  As you knock these out with energy and enthusiasm, a rhythm and flow of prosperity will envelope and you’ll be setting new and creative goals effortlessly.

Remember the very gift that is you and how you are worth the time.  With all of the willingness and excitement to reach our goals and dreams, the very things we deserve, we can often forget to take care of ourselves.  Start your day with meditation/prayer and gratitude for all you have and all that is coming.  Set a daily intention and affirm it throughout the day.  Find five moments five times a day for silence and deep breathing.  Practice understanding and compassion for yourself and others (even the teachers).  End your day the same way it began ~ with gratitude.

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∞ There is no planet, sun or star that could hold you if you but knew who you are ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

∞ People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are people who get up and look for their circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them. ~ George Bernard Shaw

∞ Life has to be lived forward but can only be understood backward. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

∞ Our doubts are traitors, And make us lose the good we oft might win,By fearing to attempt. ~ William Shakespeare

∞ A dream cannot come true unless you dream that dream

∞ Whatever enters into your life is but the material expression of some belief in your own mind. The kind of body you have, the kind of home you have, the kind of work you do, the kind of people you meet are all conditioned by and correspond to the deepest mental concepts you hold. ~ Emmett Fox

∞ You need to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours. ~ Anne-Wilson Schaff

∞ The events in our lives happen in a sequence of time, but in their significance to ourselves, they find their own order… the continuous thread of revelation. ~ Eudora Welty

∞ You cannot bring genuine joy into the lives of others when you deny your authentic self ~ Mary Manin Morissey

∞ If we wait until the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin. ~ Ivan Turgenev


I am what I will

I will what I believe

I believe what I accept

I accept what I love

I love what I am

I AM ~ Ghalil

∞ The soul speaks in image. ~ Carl Jung

∞ If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. ~ Henry David Thoreau

∞ You see things; and say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’ ~ George Bernard Shaw

∞ Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things. ~ Ray Bradbury

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