It’s All About the Dash “~”

When we take our last breath and transition to heaven or into our next life, more than likely we will be remembered with some sort of monument. It could be a headstone, an urn, or a plaque. Our full names will be spelled out (something usually reserved for birth certificates, driver’s licenses or when we were in trouble growing up), there might be a loving phrase, and then our time spent in this life.

But what happens between the day we are born and the day we leave? Do we see limitless time to achieve goals and dreams? Do we procrastinate, hold onto grudges, or keep ourselves in negative situations because there is always tomorrow? It is all about the “-”.

The inspiration behind my focus on our Life’s Dash came from a five-year old little girl named Lelia. She had been battling leukemia since she was two, but I first met Lelia when she was four. I expected to find someone who might be a little shy, maybe awkward, and maybe timid. After all, it had been two years of hospitals, surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. Instead, I met this child who radiated beauty, energy, love and spirit from the inside out. Her eyes were dazzling and I don’t think her feet could keep up with the boundless force that was running through her body. She jumped onto a tire swing and wanted to be pushed hard and fast so she was swinging into the sky. Fearless. At times, I couldn’t watch.

Shortly after turning five, doctor’s told Lelia’s parents nothing more could be done. And while it had come time to stop fighting, her Life’s Dash was more pronounced and profound than most adults I knew. I believe Lelia was brought into this world for a purpose. She taught unconditional love, pure love, and passion. She taught all of us who know her, and even those who only knew of her, strength, heart, and living in the moment. It’s amazing what we can learn from a child!

Michele Mattia, CC

Life Design Coach

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Michele Mattia, CC; Life Design Coach, Business & Creative Strategist,  & Inspirational Speaker


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